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R&R Value Partners advises companies and organisations on aspects of professional sales advisory and leadership Training & Coaching, communication and brand value positioning skills, Talent Development including team culture evaluation and intercultural change management, to optimise client experience satisfaction and corporate performance results.


The partners’ long track record of success and broad experience of varied business sectors (from press advertising to the financial sector via luxury goods, expatriate advisory and fiduciary rating) benefits end-clients and company senior managements alike, while their diverse and multi-lingual backgrounds ensure an appreciation of cultural specificities and a finesse of approach to complex scenarios.

R&R Value Partners works with a select group of top-level national and international clients on an individual mandate basis, and takes special care to avoid any potential conflicts of interest between parties. In particular R&R Value Partners ensures complete confidentiality to all clients on account of the often sensitive nature of the mandates it is entrusted; to this end R&R Value Partners does not advertise its client list, but is pleased to provide references from satisfied clients with their agreement.

R&R Value Partners also have a particular affinity with clients who are interested in gardening, golf, opera, yoga and fine wines.

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