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Training & Coaching

Long experience in a variety of professional contexts has demonstrated that talent development is key to a company’s success, hence the focus R&R Value Partners places on developing the people who will contribute to enhancing corporate performance.

R&R Value Partners offers significant experience not just in strategic conception and design, but especially in the practical implementation of successful sales and advisory training tailored to specific client requirements and circumstances.

With a unique focus on Sales and Advisory techniques, the Partners are pleased to arrange a complimentary discovery conversation on the following themes in order to identify areas of collaboration:

Client Acquisition Techniques

  • Prospection; Value Proposition Positioning; Networking & Referrals; Pipeline Management

Client Relation Techniques

  • Profiling; Pitching Skills; Objection Handling; Price Discussion; Closing the Deal


General Advisory Techniques

  • High Impact Communications; Negotiation Techniques; Time Management; Telephone Skills; Positioning Legislation in Client Conversations e.g. MiFID2; Presentation & Facilitation Skills



  • Sales Coaching (Team & Individual)

  • Sales Team Leader Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Certification Oral Exam preparation


Training sessions focus on interactive participation, with drill sequences, role play scenarios and particular attention to communication styles, body language and client interaction techniques. The trainer offers detailed feedback in one-to-one coaching or via filmed sequences.


“If you plan for one year, plant rice.
If you plan for ten years, plant trees.
If you plan for 100 years, educate mankind.” 

Chinese Proverb

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